Stress and Anxiety Coaching

You are ready to leave the house in the morning and just before opening the front door that sense of dread takes over you and your mind starts racing:

“Is the gas off?” – Proceeds to check the hob and boiler as catastrophic scenarios go through your head. “Ok, the gas is fine.”

“What about the bedroom? Have I left anything on?” – Proceeds to check windows, curtains, dressing table, door, as the probability of the end of the world occurring in the next 2 hours becomes more real in your mind. “Ok the bedroom is fine.”

“I must check that the pets are ok and fed. I have a feeling that something really bad is going to happen.” Proceeds to check, everything is fine. 

Some other thought comes in and it goes on, over and over again until, 25 mins later, you make it out the door and are now late for work. 

Throughout the day more thoughts invade your mind: 

“Is everyone looking at me? What are they thinking?”

“I shouldn’t have said that, I sounded stupid.”

“My boss was a bit cold this morning, it’s my fault, I must have done something wrong.”

“I’ve failed my exams therefore I’m a total failure.”

“My boss gave me positive feedback today, I’m sure she was just being nice.”

“I always make bad choices.”

Scrolling through social media: “I wish I had that body”, “I wish I was that happy”, “If I had that kind of money”, “I wish I could travel like they do” etc.

Then, as you lay in bed at night, the thoughts keep going:

“I’m going to be in so much trouble if I don’t find a solution for that problem.”

“I looked so stupid at that event years ago, everyone remembers that, I feel so ashamed.”

“How am I going to make it to the end of the month with all those bills piling up?”

“I can never get a break, life is so hard.”

And it goes on and on. All of this is accompanied by constant worrying and fear, overwhelm, difficulty concentrating, a feeling of gasping for air, racing thoughts (sometimes to the point where your head hurts or you feel light-headed/dizzy), a heavy weight on your chest. You feel restless, have a churning feeling in your stomach and your palms are sweating. 

Sound familiar?

I get it. What I described above was my daily life for years, I know what you’re going through. 

What exactly are stress and anxiety?

Stress and Anxiety are the brain’s emotional response to danger. It’s an alarm bell that our brain uses when it perceives a threat, to inform us that we need to get to safety. While it is a natural response, when it takes over our life in ways similar to what I described above it’s not a normal way of living. That is an overreaction to a perceived threat (for example a negative/worrying thought), rather than a real one.

The key isn’t to get rid of this essential brain response but rather to bring it back to its original state instead of having it rule your life. The good thing is that no one experiencing stress and anxiety is doomed to a certain way of life. There’s so much that can be done to gain power over it and shrink it in such a way that you are no longer affected by it, you know how to handle it and you’re back in control of your life.

Learning how to manage stress and anxiety can help you:

⭐️ Feel in control of your life and your emotions.

⭐️ Feel calm in your daily life with a deep sense of trust in yourself that whatever happens you will be able to handle it.

⭐️ Improve your sleep, your mood and your general wellbeing.

⭐️ Improve your confidence and self-esteem.

⭐️ Improve your mental and emotional health.

⭐️ Have more clarity in your life and less difficulty making decisions.

⭐️ Learn how to make your mind work for you and reach your goals.

⭐️ Stop caring about what people think and live life on your terms.

It’s all about surviving

When stress and anxiety take over our life we operate in what is called “survival mode”, we basically try to get by instead of truly living.

Our brain is so activated that we need to go through all the racing thoughts before we can even think about truly living and once we get to that point, if we do, we are too exhausted to even begin.

💔 Making a simple decision feels like climbing mount Everest

💔 Your thoughts are racing more often than not and your head feels like it’s going to explode

💔 That huge weight on your chest feels like it’s been there forever and has no intention to go away, it’s almost become part of you

💔 You are constantly second guessing yourself or wondering what awful things other people might be thinking of you

💔 You feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, like you don’t have space to breathe

💔 Thinking about long term plans makes you feel uneasy because it feels like “too much to deal with”

💔 There are many things you’d like to do but for one reason or another you keep procrastinating

💔 You can’t remember the last time you felt calm and peaceful

💔 It feels like life is going really fast and you are trying to stay afloat

I hear you. I felt this way too for many, many years.

Here’s the thing though: stress and anxiety are none other that your soul trying to communicate with you through alarm signals. It’s that little voice inside saying “heeey, listen to me, I’m here!”. It’s basically you craving to be with you and coming home to yourself. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a signal.

They key is to gain awareness around that signal (what is it trying to communicate to you?) so that you can adjust what needs to be adjusted and return to a calm way of living.

Restoring calm

Like I said earlier though, nobody struggling with stress and anxiety is doomed to a certain way of life. Once you learn how and why your mind is doing what it’s doing and are no longer living in survival mode life can get pretty peaceful, joyful even.

Stress and anxiety show up in different ways and for different reasons for all of us, the key is to get to know your stress and anxiety so that you can bring back calm and balance in a way that works for you and how you want to live your life. Everything is possible ❤️

Once you’ve done that, life is going to be pretty different:

✨ You will feel confident in your own method to manage stress and anxiety and will be able to tackle anything that comes your way in a calm and controlled way.

✨ You will respond to situations rather than react, this will allow you to feel confident and at peace.

✨ Your mind will feel free and spacious, you will start to welcome new ideas, inspiration and make plans for the future which might have felt impossible (or at least uncomfortable) before.

✨ Your focus will be in the present moment, things will slow down because your own internal system will be operating in a different way.

✨ You will have a deep sense of connection within yourself and understanding you, having your own back.

So, how can I help you understand and manage stress and anxiety?

The first thing you need to know about how I work is that I won’t give you a list of tips and coping skills to help you manage your stress and anxiety symptoms, but rather work with you as a team to understand the root cause of it so that we can find your unique-to-you way forward and leave it behind for good. This way, stress and anxiety can be restored to that essential emotional response rather than something that is ruling your life.

Part of my life purpose is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, so the journey we embark on is very unique. 

The very first step is doing your Astrological Natal Chart, to take a closer look at your personality traits, unique skills, strengths and blind spots. I find that doing this at the beginning of our journey together helps people gain awareness and clarity (which are often 50% of the work!). 

Once we have your blueprint we move on to creating a clear vision of where you want to go and start the work. 

You are in charge of what you bring to each session and you will find that this beautiful journey can take us to interesting and unexpected places. We trust that this is exactly where you need to be to achieve your transformation. 

We will take a look at how anxiety is affecting you specifically and what are your triggers.

While Coaching is the main tool we will use throughout this process, each session is infused with intuitive wisdom, a close look to your personal astrology throughout the journey, the use of oracle cards and different visualisation and meditation techniques, depending on where the journey takes us, it’s very unique to each person. In my sessions, I also often include “mini trainings” on how the brain works. I am a huge believer that knowledge is power and very often the mere understanding of why your brain is doing what it’s doing helps you be in control of your mind and thoughts.

Working with me you will learn how to reprogram your brain and get rid of the limitations that have led your life up until this moment as well as how to use those powerful and invisible energies that are abundantly available to us. This allows you to create an effortless life because you’re leading in a way that is most natural to your soul. 

If you feel called to explore this further or you have questions, get in touch through the contact form below or book a free 30 mins consultation. 

What I bring to the table:

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