Recovering from Unhealthy Relationships

Our relationships influence not only the beliefs we form about ourselves and the world, but also our environment and the life we live. 

A little personal story here (skip if you have watched the video 😉):

“Thank God you saved me.” I used to say to him. It would take me 15 years to realise that I was in a manipulative and abusive relationship.  

Had you asked me 6/7 years into the relationship about how I felt about the marriage I would have told you that it was amazing, dreamy even, and that I was grateful that this person had saved me. 

That wasn’t the truth though and deep down I knew. I knew this man wasn’t right for me and I knew I didn’t like the dynamics in our relationship. I wasn’t happy. I felt alone, neglected and unloved. I felt used, abused and small. 

I lied to the outside world because I was so deeply ashamed about the truth that I couldn’t even admit it to myself. What was the truth going to show me? ‘Cause once you see it, you can’t go back. 

I wasn’t ready to see the truth for a long time, but one day it became about survival so I had to see, or I wouldn’t have made it. I had to save myself. 

Does that sound familiar? I see you. 

Being in a relationship with a narcissist it’s something that destroys you from the inside out. It pulls you away from your own soul, and often you don’t even know it’s happening. 

That was my reality for almost 15 years (between 18 and 32 years old). I have since helped many women overcome the aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse and unhealthy relationships.

What exactly are toxic (or unhealthy) relationships?

We define relationships as toxic, or unhealthy, when your well-being – mental, emotional or even physical – is being threatened. I define as unhealthy any relationship that doesn’t truly allow you to fully be yourself.

We are not only referring to intimate relationships here, but also friendships, relationships with our parents, siblings and other members of our family as well as work relationships.

The most important thing to know about such relationships is aftermath, the effect they have on your own relationship with yourself. The mental and emotional manipulation that takes place in these dynamics is at such a deep level that you forget who you are. I’ve had many women describing this as:

While we can get out of those relationships we also want to overcome the aftermath so that we gain enough self-awareness to never find ourselves in a similar situation again. This is 100% possible. 

Overcoming a toxic relationship isn’t the same thing as going through a breakup, the work required here is of deep healing and connection with oneself.

Time to check in

Maybe you have recently left the relationship, maybe it was a long time ago, or perhaps you are still in it but have made the decision that you want to leave. Wherever you are in your journey it’s time to check in with yourself and see your truth.

It’s scary and it feels strange, I have been there too.

You look back at the past few months (or maybe few years) and realised that you always knew, you knew this person wasn’t for you but something kept you there and you’re not quite sure what.

💔 You walked on eggshells and made yourself small to not provoke a bad reaction in them;

💔 You said yes when you really wanted to say no because it was easier to resolve it with yourself rather than face the horrible consequences of your No;

💔 You have been told so many times that you’re the one with the problem, or that you’re imagining things, that you have started to think that it’s true.

And now you feel that you don’t really know how you got here and what to do about the future.

I hear you.

I see you.

I am here to show you that there is a light and that it shines the brightest within you. I am here to accompany you back to that light, to your light, so that you will never ever leave it again.

I am here to walk you towards your truth.

Coming home to you

☎️ Bring briiiing … Hi! It’s your Soul calling, time to go home ❤️

Pack your bags my beautiful soul, it’s time to embark on this journey back to you. A journey of discovery, deep healing, joy, awareness, realisations, a-ha moments, deep breaths, “walk down the street like it’s the best day of your life” kinda journey.

Fully committing to healing the aftermath of toxic relationships will, quite literally, transform your life. You see, once you see your truth and find what you want, you will never look back. Truly.

You know the feeling of finding the perfect pair of jeans? *THAT* pair of jeans? That’s what coming home to you feels like. Like a second skin, only it’s your own!!

So picture this:

✨ You meet someone knew and after a few encounters you see some red flags, but this time you know. You know yourself so well and you are so attuned to your needs that you won’t settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. Walking away isn’t difficult, it doesn’t cause any guilt or insecurity, it just is.

✨ You are able to communicate what you want to others and you find that they are responding in a healthy way, exactly as you’ve always wanted. You feel respected and validated.

✨ You feel innately confident and supported within yourself.

✨ You speak up for yourself and know exactly what you want.

✨ You are surrounded by people who truly feel like your tribe.

✨ You feel inspired and deeply connected, within and without.

✨ You understand your story and are able to use your own life journey for your growth as well as to inspire other people. You will also find that this comes effortless.

✨ You don’t care about what other people think.

How does that sound my beautiful soul? Are you ready for it?

How can I help you heal from the aftermath of toxic relationship and come home to you?

When I turned my life around 5 years ago and left that toxic relationship I saw the world transforming around me and I promised myself that I would help other women find their way back to themselves too.

I thought that if I did, so could other women, and the more of us it was going to be the better a world we were going to build. One thing that you’ll come to realise as part of this journey is that it’s so much bigger than you. This journey back to you will influence thousands of people without you even knowing. But let’s start from the beginning, 

Toxic relationships affect our mind, heart and spirit. What you need to know is that these 3 things, even though they might feel separate, they are actually not, they are one. 

Part of my life purpose is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, and with my unique approach you will be able to work on all three things (mind, heart and spirit) at the same time because we treat them as one. 

I already mentioned the importance of re-establishing a connection to yourself. The first thing we are going to do to help us with this at the very start of our journey is your full Astrological Natal Chart, this is a map of the sky on the day, time and place of your birth. It shows us the energy that was present when you were born and how it influenced your life and your unique blueprint. 

Once we have your blueprint we move on to creating a clear vision of where you want to go and start the work. 

You are in charge of what you bring to each session and you will find that this beautiful journey can take us to interesting and unexpected places. We trust that this is exactly where you need to be to achieve your transformation. 

We will take a look at your story and how this and other relationships have affected you and what they meant for you specifically. 

While Coaching is the main tool we will use throughout this process, each session is infused with intuitive wisdom, a close look to your personal astrology throughout the journey, the use of oracle cards and different visualisation and meditation techniques, depending on where the journey takes us, it’s very unique to each person. In my sessions, I also often include “mini trainings” on how the brain works. I am a huge believer that knowledge is power and very often the mere understanding of why your brain is doing what it’s doing helps you be in control of your mind and thoughts.

Working with me you will learn how to reprogram your brain and get rid of the limitations that have led your life up until this moment as well as how to use those powerful and invisible energies that are abundantly available to us. This allows you to create an effortless life because you’re leading in a way that is most natural to your soul. 

If you feel called to explore this further or you have questions, get in touch through the contact form below or book a free 30 mins consultation.

What I bring to the table:

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“Gloria is an amazing, incredible and highly knowledgeable coach – if you are considering coaching I would 100% recommend you book with Gloria. She has changed my life and I cannot thank her enough for helping me along my journey.
As a woman who was once scared to step out of her front door, the change I have seen within myself is better than I could have ever imagined. If you feel like you’re doomed to a certain way of life, you’re wrong! You have the power for positive change. Gloria, thank you so much.”