Birth Chart Readings

What exactly is a Birth Chart?

A Birth Chart (or Natal Chart) is a map of the sky on the day, time and place you were born.

It shows the position of the planets and other astral bodies at the moment of your birth.

You are probably familiar with your Sun sign (which is what we generally refer to as our “star sign”) but there are many other aspects that influence your life and personality, the Sun sign is truly just the beginning.

A Birth Chart reading is a powerful tool that can help you:

βœ… Understand who you truly are at a deep level, so that you can create a life authentic to you.

βœ… Find what truly makes you tick and what areas of life and your personality hold the most opportunities for you.

βœ… Take action on the things you always wanted to do or embrace a new pathway to happiness.

Let’s be honest…

Since the moment you were born you were told what to do, how to behave and what it meant to be a good and successful woman.

The hard truth is that the things you have learned up until now were based on other people’s beliefs and experiences as well as societal expectations, they had very little to do with you!

Learning from other people’s beliefs and experiences rather than from your own truth causes you to separate from your true self which leads you to live someone else’s life rather than your own. 

This separation is causing you:

πŸ’” Feelings of self doubt, anxiety, stress and guilt (because you are not living in alignment with your truth);

πŸ’” To always be running around, being busy with lots to do, often overwhelmed;

πŸ’” To feel stuck, knowing that this isn’t what you want from life but everything else seems scary and confusing;

πŸ’” To carry a big weight on your chest but not knowing why.

Basing your life on external standards and expectations is not what you are here to do. You are here to thrive and be happy. You are here to be you. 

If you are ready to create a life that really reflects your truth, keep reading…

This is what you’re actually here on Earth to experience:

🌟 Fulfilment and JOY

🌟 A life free from stress, anxiety and guilt

🌟 Wealth and abundance

🌟 The feeling of absolute certainty that whatever happens you are going to be ok because you can hold and support yourself from within, because now you know yourself at a deep level

🌟 The freedom of saying No without feeling guilty or wrong 

🌟 A life “in flow” and aligned with your own truth

🌟 Healthy relationships, a job/work that you love and the freedom of doing what you want when you want it

Your birth chart can help you get the key to unlock your unique roadmap to manifesting this kind of life for yourself. 



Your Birth Chart holds a lot of information about your life and your personality, it’s very personal and unique to you.

Some of the things you can learn are:

⭐️ What is your role in this life and the pathway to living your true soul’s purpose

⭐️ Your soul’s most natural ways to give and receive love 

⭐️ What your inner world looks like and how emotions affect you 

⭐️ What makes you tick and what is a no go, according to your uniqueness

⭐️ Your key personality traits at a deep level

⭐️ The best and most unique to you ways to best respond to challenges and roadblocks in your life 

⭐️ What areas of life hold the most opportunities for growth and expansion for you

⭐️ What is your area of genius 



✨ In order to get your reading as accurate as possible and create your birth chart I will need to know your date, place and time of birth.

✨ Then I will create your personalised report (this is 30+ pages!**), which is for you to keep forever. This includes a full interpretation of your planets placements, aspects, houses and more.

✨ Then we will meet over Zoom for a 90mins call to go over all the details and answer any questions you might have.

**Because of how detailed the report is it takes 8+ hours to create, this means that there are only 4 Birth Chart readings spots available per month.


Hi! I’m Gloria and I’m a woman on a mission. A mission of healing and empowering all women who are living in separation from their true authentic soul.

Certified Life and Personal Performance Coach, I am also a survivor of narcissistic abuse. I specialises in soul healing, self-love, empowerment and mental/emotional wellbeing. 

I was in a toxic and manipulative relationship for nearly 15 years. I went from self-hate and surviving to self-love and emotional freedom, and now I’m here to show you how to heal and break the cycle too.

Today I see the women I work with make life changing decisions that they wouldn’t have dreamed of at the start of their journey. I see them show up for themselves and transform the way they face the world. I see their relationships getting better, I see their kids being inspired by their mums, I see women coming out of their shell and creating a different world for themselves and others.

You might not notice the magnitude of this, but from my seat, looking at all of you together, oh man, we’re shaping a different world.


β€œMy birth chart reading experience with Gloria was simply incredible!
From start to finish, Gloria takes good care of you and makes you feel valued and unique.
Gloria is so full of energy and enthusiasm for her subject, and she has heaps of fascinating knowledge. Honestly – you’ll be amazed! Having the call with Gloria is a real self-care treat. Something really special, just for you.

The report itself was mind-blowing. There were so many predictions that were spot on – as though my destiny really was written in the stars. I also found out that I was born on a full moon, which I absolutely loved. And to know which houses all of the planets were in when you were born (which won’t be repeated for another 4 million years!) is just magical.

It’s so great to know more about my strengths and weaknesses too. Now I feel empowered that I’m on the right path and I can lean into my strengths unapologetically. I can give myself permission to be exactly who I am.

If you’re thinking of having a birth chart reading with Gloria, go for it! Imagine all that completely unique info about yourself that’s waiting for you. You’re going to LOVE what you discover.”